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Rocks of Balance

Next Steps Yoga is the “stepping stone” people need when it comes to injury prevention, recovery, and maintenance. It empowers individuals to participate in their own healing journey.


1. People re-educating their bodies in physical therapy but not quite ready for a group exercise class

2. Those interested in injury prevention or a deeper mind-body connection

3. Beginners and anyone in between


In these classes, yoga is used as a tool, not an end goal.  Next Steps Yoga provides personalized instruction and modifications through virtual sessions.  Classes are one on one or in small groups of nine or less.  These sessions act as a complement to physical therapy by keeping the body moving safely and effectively before, during (with PT approval!), or after an injury. 

During a time like this, many of us find ourselves spending an unusual amount of time sitting in front of a screen.  Next Steps Yoga can provide stretches and exercises to address places that tend to be affected by this like the neck, shoulders, and lower back as a matter of injury prevention.  We're here to help you adapt to whatever your circumstance is, from the safety and comfort of your own home.  

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