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Tara Lynch

Founder, Lead Teacher

With years in the physical therapy, yoga, fitness, and dance industries, Tara’s expertise in movement re-education and pain management has culminated into this specific niche. While completing her BFA in Dance from NYU Tisch School of the Arts, Tara also became a first degree Reiki practitioner and a 300 hour certified yoga teacher.  She studied the Hatha Vinyasa style of yoga under TaraMarie Perri at the Perri Institute of Mind and Body in New York City.  Along with the yoga tradition, her training included more specific practices from leaders in the field, including: ideokinesis with Irene Dowd, breath coordination with Lynn Martin, meditation with Ethan Nichtern, and functional anatomy with Rebecca Dietzel.  Tara has taught yoga in a multitude of places large and small between New York City and Boston including Body Fits You Studio, Harvard Barre & Soul, Strive Total Wellness, Yoga Break NYC, Green Street Studios and James Fowler Physical Therapy.  These opportunities have shaped her as a yoga teacher and healer.

While working as a physical therapy aide, she gained additional skills in the rehab setting where she could merge her experiences and offer her expertise.  For several years now, she has worked closely with physical therapists to ensure her classes are safely and intelligently taught in private and small group settings. Her goal is to bring this type of movement re-education, using yoga as a tool, to a greater network of physical therapy studios in NYC and beyond.  On the broader spectrum, she hopes to encourage yoga teachers and facilities to make yoga more accessible, safe, and welcoming to all. 


Tara is currently working towards earning her doctorate of Physical Therapy at Columbia University. 

Mistral Hay


Mistral Hay is a yoga and mindfulness meditation instructor.  She was initially drawn to yoga as a supplement to her dance career and injuries, and quickly discovered the benefits beyond the physical body. She has been teaching yoga in the NYC area for over a decade in a variety of settings. Mistral is an anatomy nerd in the process of earning her doctorate of physical therapy at CUNY Hunter, and her classes come from an anatomical perspective to provide students with information towards building a strong foundation in their practice. Her aim in teaching yoga is to help bring students to a place of comfort, understanding, and acceptance in their own body and practice, whether it is a rigorous physical class or a more restorative one. The ability to move one’s body in space is a gift, and should be shared! 


Photo by Liza Voll, Courtesy of Kat Nasti Dance


Illustration by Ohemaa Illustrations 

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