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Corporate Wellness



Investing in wellness for your company can bring about a multitude of benefits.  The "wellness" that Next Steps Yoga provides is a combination of gentle moving, stretching and breathing exercises.  Sessions target areas of the body that are prone to injury or strain due to sitting at a desk all day, including: neck, shoulders, wrists, and back.  Taking a short break during the day to move the body and breathe can help to reduce stress, improve morale, and encourage greater productivity.  With the uncertainty and adjustments to working from home due to the pandemic, the need for corporate wellness services has never been more pertinent.  See how to provide corporate wellness services for your employees below:


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 Company Wide Sessions

What to expect

  • 20 minutes of gentle moving, stretching, and breathing.

  • No props, extra space, or experience needed.  Stretches and movement done standing up or in desk chair.

How it works

  1. Follow the link below to purchase.

  2. Next Steps Yoga will get back to you for scheduling.

  3. You will receive a password protected Zoom link to send out to your company. The same link will be used each week.

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